Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Dangling Prussian World Premiere of a New Short Film!

 There might be a few more blog posts this week than normal, as I'm a bit wound up.

Why am I wound up?

I'm getting to see what you'll be seeing on Friday night, if you show up at the Dangling Prussian's Zoom Pub Night and hang out. The main problem is that I need to calm down and finish a few of my own duties for that night, but I still have to tell you about a few things.

It seems like I've always had a remarkable Sherlockian friend or two whom the rest of the Sherlockian world didn't know that much about. I'm sure this happens at most local Sherlockian societies or just being a lucky sort who's in the right place at the right time. So I'd like to introduce you to a local friend of mine named Mary O'Reilly.

After meeting Mary at the local Sherlockian study group, I soon learned she was a fellow podcaster, and her podcast, Academicasaurus, is a weird and happy romp through the lives of college professors at a very strange school. She was a part of the least-attended panel I ever sat on at 221B Con, though the attendance part was probably just my fault. And after a few years, I discovered she had another outlet of web talent, her "Haunted by Birds" YouTube channel, which starred not Mary, but . . . well, we'll get to that.

Our monthly Sherlock Holmes discussion group is, as any Sherlockian discussion can be, an idea-inspiring ramble. And when we hit "Priory School," I thought of a great scion society name: the Bovestrians of Ragged Shaw, named for the imagined galloping cows of that area. But after decades of starting and joining Sherlockian societies, I had pretty much given up on thinking the society could provide anything new. But Mary liked the name and kept the idea alive, first by coming up with trading cards after our meetings . . .

And then, when I asked her to do me a favor for the Dangling Prussian Pub Night . . . .

That, you see, is the title card of an eleven minute video whose world premiere will happen at the Dangling Prussian as a part of our main program. You will get to sit in on the very first meeting of the Bovestrians of Ragged Shaw, a Sherlockian society unlike any that I've ever experienced, and probably one you haven't either.

Why? One word: Puppets.

Friday night, my friends. Friday night!

Here again is the registration link, if you have yet to sign up: 

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