Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The 1895 Dangling Prussian Soup Plate Medal

The Dangling Prussian is once again honored to host the 1895 Soup Plate Medal Awards this January 14th, as a part of the program of the Sherlock Holmes Birthday Pub Nite. An ongoing tradition awarded every year, even though that year is always 1895 at the Dangling Prussian, the Soup Plate Medal Award is given to award otherwise uncelebrated achievement by those often considered less than upright by the proper citizens of the Empire.

The Dangling Prussian Soup Plate Medal was first conceived and awarded in honor of Morecroft "Killer" Evans, who saved the British economy from ruin at the Dangling Prussian in 1895 by stopping the villainous Prescott with a single shot. Winners since then have been too numerous and anonymous to name, but, trust me, there have been some. And since it is again, as always, 1895, this January 14th we shall again call the roll of honored participants in the life and England-saving career of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. 

 Since everyone honored has been made famous by the author John H. Watson long ago, many have gone into hiding or have been unreasonably incarcerated and cannot always attend the ceremonies to receive this honour. It is the Dangling Prussian's tradition, therefore, to have a ready supply of able attendees to be able to accept the award in their stead.

If you would like the chance to accept a Dangling Prussian Soup Plate Medal on Zoom during the program on the night of January 14, 2021, you can drag the above design to your desktop, print it on whatever medium you have handy, adorn it in whatever creative fashion you think appropriate and attach it (or not) to ribbons, chains (even paper), or anything else for the acceptance of the award when you are called upon during the ceremony.  Also, drop your name in the comments below, so you can be forewarned of the person you might be accepting for (if possible) so you can have appropriate comments ready, whether you have contacted that Canonical character or not.

The awarding of the Dangling Prussian Soup Plate Medal is both a dignified and illustrious part of a Dangling Prussian Pub Night, and we are delighted to be hosting in on our Zoom event this year!


  1. Well, I printed it out. Let me know who's getting it and I might even accept with a limerick! -- Sandy, aka Roxie, aka Esmerelda

  2. I might regret this, but…I’’m in.
    -Sandra (aka Shai, aka Evidently Harmless)