Thursday, January 13, 2022

Eighteen Hours To Go . . .

 There are a lot of sides to this hobby of ours, and tomorrow night is one of the most time-honored and revered traditions of Sherlockiana. And then there's the other side of the coin, a virtual pub with a little fun and a whole lot of time just to hang out.

My friends who are in New York this weekend always come back to the one key part of that weekend -- getting to see their friends. Share a drink, share a dinner, share a . . . virus? Well, those of us settling for Zoom on Friday night are going to miss both the good and the potential bad. But the chance to just talk is still there. 

The breakout rooms are probably the most important part of the night -- with about sixty people currently signed up, we can't all be talking at once. And we do want to talk. It's been a long year.

So no more promoting parts and pieces, or the very silly program that just got made up for a table centerpiece. Tomorrow night is about seeing new friends and old, discovering a few things you didn't know before, hearing a tale of times past you hadn't heard before. Annnnd, not having to dress up or spend any money to do it.

Looking forward to seeing you all, even those who come with cameras turned off.  And remember -- it's hashtag #DanglingPrussian2022! Because unlike a certain other function, we're already gathering on the internet, so we might as well tweet about it! On to Friday night! 


One last shot at the registration link, if you have yet to sign up: 

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