Monday, January 3, 2022

Clack . . . Clack . . . Clack

 As we approach Sherlock Holmes's birthday celebrations, I know the travelers headed to New York are starting to feel the "clack . . . clack . . . clack" of the roller coaster starting its climb to its highest point. And even though I'm not going to be boarding a flight, not as worried about covid or weather shutdowns, the run-up to the Dangling Prussian pub night has me feeling that excitement and anxiety as well.

The entertainments are firming up. The parts and pieces are coming together. Dangling Prussian Soup Plate Medal award-winners are being selected. (Want to get in on that process? Volunteer to accept an award for a Canonical character who can't attend. Your voice will be heard.) And I want to say a lot more than I'm saying here.

But for tonight, it's just clack . . . clack . . . clack.


Here again is the registration link, if you have yet to sign up: 

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