Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A Pub Night's Boredom Insurance Package!

Okay, here's the thing: A six hour Sherlockian Zoom without a six hour line-up of speakers and programming? Is that a party or an endurance trial? What if you get bored? What if you just want to go offline for a bit and still be a part of the festivities?

In our ongoing attempt to cover all the bases for Friday night January 14, we going to go back to the 1990s and resurrect an old thing in a new form.

From 1991 to 1998, the Dangling Prussian Amateur Press Association collected the individual pages of its members every other month between covers and mailed the resulting compendium back to those who contributed. Over the years the content included and incredible variety of contributions from its members. There were stories and articles, of course. but also cartoons, quizzes, puzzles, parody, poetry, a needlework pattern, a script, greeting cards, and whatever else the members deemed worth sending in for the next issue.

So with that eclectic idea in mind, we're resurrecting the Dangling Prussian Amateur Press Association in PDF form with the DPAPA 2022 Party Fun Book, to be handed out in the chat at the Dangling Prussian Pub Night Zoom for attendees to download. What's it going to contain?

The theme, in keeping with the Dangling Prussian itself, will be Canonical characters and especially those who might not be as upstanding examples of the British ideal as proper society might like. You know, the fun ones. But, really, we're about to accept any contributions for the DPAPA 2022 Party Fun Book that seems like it might be fun. Puzzles, coloring pages, short short stories, connect-the-dots, pub room reminiscences, anything that you think might be good included in a 8.5 x 11 inch printable PDF.

The deadline is January 12th, and you can send anything you'd like to share with your fellow Dangling Prussian Pub Nite attendees to sherlockholmesisrealpodcast@gmail.com,

At the Dangling Prussian, we'll throw anything at the wall to see if it sticks!

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